Essential Facts To Know About Senior Assisted Living Facilities

Essential Facts To Know About Senior Assisted Living Facilities

Essential facts to know about senior assisted living facilities

In the zenith of our youth, we lead a carefree life and are extremely independent when it comes to performing our daily tasks and managing our personal and professional life. Everything is great until the signs of aging become so prominent that ignoring them will get you nowhere. Aging is a phenomenon from which there is no escape, and it brings with it a plethora of health issues that often hinder people from performing their daily activities.

Mobility-related issues and other chronic illnesses become a part of a senior citizen’s life, and this leaves them incapacitated to look after themselves. There are instances where such ailing senior citizens receive full-time care at their homes from a family member or a nurse since it becomes imperative to have someone assisting them around-the-clock. However, senior citizens with chronic illnesses or serious mobility issues might not receive the required medical assistance at home, and in such cases, elderly assisted living homes are a more convenient option. Such senior citizens will have an attendant looking after them throughout the day, who would assist them in their daily tasks, run errands for them, and provide medical assistance in case of emergencies.

If the entire concept of senior assisted living apartments or houses is new to you, read on to know more about it.

What are senior assisted living apartments?

  • Assisted living, as the name suggests, is a housing facility meant for seniors and differently-abled people. Such living facilities are meant for those individuals who have chosen not to live independently. Such senior assisted living apartments are quite popular in the country and are converse to the independent senior living communities where the seniors live in a community minus the 24×7 assistance.
  • Senior assisted living apartments are the right choice for those seniors who wish to combine living in a community and seek assistance for their daily activities. Here, they can even treat themselves to memory care programs which are essential for sharpening their mental acuity.

What are the types of assisted living?

  • There are three types of assisted living facilities where seniors are checked-in as per their requirement. These assisted living facilities include typical resident facilities, special needs facilities, and locked units.
  • The typical resident facilities are meant for those senior citizens who require assistance only with their daily activities. Such senior citizens aren’t usually in need of critical care but need companionship and a certain degree of assistance to get by.
  • Special needs facilities are for those senior citizens that need appropriate medical, health, and dental care, and are incapacitated due to certain illness or injury.
  • Locked unit facilities cater to those senior citizens who suffer from some form of dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease and other mental disabilities. Such patients require extensive care and prompt medical services if the need arises.

What are the factors that determine the cost of senior assisted living apartments?

  • The cost of living in a senior assisted living communities differs according to the community the individual wishes to join. Usually, assisted living communities often charge a monthly rate, but certain facilities offer long-term options as well.
  • The cost of the senior assisted living facility depends on the type of residence the individual chooses; whether it is a condo or an apartment, the individual will have to pay the fee accordingly.
  • If the individual chooses a senior assisted living apartment, the cost will depend on the type of apartment; whether it is a studio, one or two-bedroom apartment, the cost will be charged accordingly.
  • The type of services the senior citizen requires on a daily basis also plays a major role in determining the cost of the senior assisted living apartment.
  • Moreover, the geographical location of the community also has an effect on the total cost of senior assisted living apartments.

What are the services offered in elderly assisted living homes?
The following services are offered in elderly assisted living homes:

  • Daily meals
  • Basic housekeeping
  • 24-hour supervision and security
  • Laundry
  • Health and exercise programs
  • Social programs
  • Access to medical services
  • Transportation

These are some of the common services offered in elderly assisted living homes, but it can vary according to the elderly assisted living facility the individual chooses to live in.

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