Active Adult Communities – Types, Benefits, And Factors To Consider

Active Adult Communities – Types, Benefits, And Factors To Consider

Active adult communities are real estate spaces that are specially designed to suit the needs of seniors. In the past few decades, these planned properties are trending due to the various amenities they provide. They are ideal for people who want to downsize after retiring or want to move to a better neighborhood away from the hustle-bustle of the city. Homes in active adult communities can be single family homes, cluster homes, manufactured or mobile homes, condominiums or special subdivisions. These properties can be bought or rented. Post-retirement if you are planning to move to an active adult community, then continue reading to know more.

What are the types of active adult communities?
While hunting for active adult communities, you will come across two property types, age-restricted and age-targeted. Both these communities are equipped with amenities that cater to seniors. However, they have one key difference, age restraints for residents.

  • Age-restricted community – As the name suggests, an age-restricted community allows accommodation to seniors belonging to a certain age group. For every active adult community, the qualifying age varies. Some might prescribe the age limit of 50 and above, while for others it could be 55 years onwards. Any kind of discrimination in housing across the country is prohibited, but the Housing for Older Persons Act of 1995 and Fair Housing Act of 1968 makes an exception with age-restricted communities which mandates the occupation of older adults only. Typically, such spaces are apt for elderly individuals who wish to reside in a quiet neighborhood.
  • Age-targeted community – An age-targeted community, on the other hand, has no age restrictions. However, the facilities they offer will be specifically meant for the elderly individuals, such as housekeeping or outdoor maintenance. These could be apt for seniors who are looking for a community that is kid-friendly, especially if they have their own grandchildren.

What are the benefits of living in active adult communities?

  • Low-maintenance – Numerous active adult communities offer services such as housekeeping and property maintenance, giving you more free time to pursue hobbies and spend time with loved ones.
  • Quiet surroundings – Unlike a regular neighborhood, active adult communities can ensure you with peaceful ambiance as most residents will be seniors. This ensures your mental peace by allowing you to pursue your activities without any interruption.
  • Active lifestyle – Active adult communities offer numerous amenities such as open spaces, fitness centers, community centers, clubs houses, swimming pools or golf courses, that can help keep you physically and mentally fresh.

How to choose the right active adult community?
Before picking an active adult community, here are a few factors that you should scrutinize:

  • Location – An important determinant, the location of your shortlisted active adult community should be closer to your family. If it is based on the periphery of a city and town, make sure it has all the necessary transportation arrangements for traveling back and forth. Preferably, the place you choose should have pleasant weather.
  • Type – Like mentioned before, you have to choose between age-restricted and age-targeted properties. The type of community you pick is entirely based on your personal preferences. If you have a family, especially grandchildren visiting all the time, then an age-targeted community would be apt.
  • Amenities and security – Check what kind of amenities do they provide. Apart from luxury-related and recreational arrangements, it is also crucial for active adult communities to have proper medical and emergency provisions. Likewise, check if the space is equipped with proper security measures.
  • Budget – Make sure that the total purchase price or monthly rent justifies the services provided by the active adult communities. Likewise, the expenses you have to bear for your accommodation in an active adult community shouldn’t negatively influence your savings and expenses related to food, transportation, and healthcare.

Which are the popular active adult communities?

  • Sun City Texas – Georgetown, Texas
  • The Village at Deaton Creek – Hoschton, Georgia
  • Sun City Hilton Head – Bluffton, North Carolina
  • Lake Providence – Nashville, Tennessee
  • Del Sur Living – San Diego, California
  • Solivita – Kissimmee, Florida
  • Del Webb Sweetgrass – Richmond, Texas
  • Laguna Woods Village – Laguna Woods, California
  • On Top of the World – Ocala, Florida
  • The Villages – Florida

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